Student Loan

The student loan application process is not as difficult as it sounds. Albeit it can be done through a bank or credit union, it is best to do it directly from the educational institution. Once the application for admission is accepted, the next step is at the financial aid office. The personnel know the most direct and simplest methods of securing funds. When the aid request is sent directly from the school, the letterhead ensures the quickest response.

There are many factors to consider before applying for a student loan. Among these are how much is available in savings or other non-loan areas. Are you going to receive any scholarships? Is the educational institution accredited? Will you be going utter time or only taking one or two classes? Make a list of the expenses for each semester. Will you be living on campus or commuting? Permit enough money to purchase books, food, clothing, and other basic supplies. Once those criteria have been established, you must permit yourself slew of time to finish the process.

Three primary factors will determine the path determined upon for securing funds. These are; student’s status, financial needs, and grade point from high school. The student’s status refers to utter or part-time. The course of investigate also comes into play because of special fees associated with certain scholastic paths such as lab or equipment needs. A prospective students high school grade point will help determine the student’s eligibility for grants and scholarships. The financial needs will consider the prospective student as well as parents and/or spousal income as well.

Before even considering loans or grants, you must have received an acceptance letter from the educational institution of your choice. Once that has been accomplished, it is best to visit the school in person and make the acquaintance of the financial aid office. However, that is not always an option. The 2nd step, once an acceptance letter is received and returned is to pack out the FAFSA or Financial Application For Student Aid. Most financial aid offices will help in packing out this form and sending it to the correct address. While awaiting the results from this, explore the possibilities of various grants and scholarships that are available. Again, the financial aid office will help determining the availabilities of these.

The FAFSA will generate a SAR or Student Aid Report. Use this form in conjunction with grants, scholarships and other financial awards to calculate the amount of money that will need to be borrowed to ensure payment of the educational credits. If you are planning on working while attending school, these funds can be used to offset the total repayment amounts. However, the lending institutions will use these monies to determine the loan amounts available for subsequent semesters.

For any form of financial aid, ensure enough time is permitted for a response. Most institutions suggest at least an eight-week lead-time. The earlier one applies, the better the chances of securing the necessary funds in time to commence class at the beginning of the semester.

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