Direct Payday Loans in North Dakota (ND)

North Dakota Payday Loan Laws and Legislation

Payday loan business is thriving in North Dakota. You can always visit and choose the options available. The entire process can be done online. The sum you request will be transferred to your account during the day and you will get the access to the funds. Whatever your case is, we will help you with our payday loans. So, don’t worry and commence applying now.

The laws in North Dakota are similar to the laws regarding payday loans in many US states. The difference here is that in the state of North Dakota a client has the right to keep a loan for 60 days, and the limit in other states is 30 days. Borrowers can take maximum $600, but there is no limit on minimum sum. The state sets a limitation on the APR which should not exceed 520%. Lending companies operating in North Dakota can charge percentage rates which equal 20%, which means that customers should pay $20 on each $100 borrowed.

There are 76 lending companies providing payday cash advances in North Dakota. This number tho’ might be higher as the industry is growing rapid.

Any citizen of the US can use our company to get a payday cash advance when unexpected situations arise and there is a need for money. Our company’s main objective is to give you the cash you badly need. Visit and pack in an application form to get the instant approval. All the information is kept private. The entire process takes several minutes.

As a matter of fact there is a set of regulations imposed on lending companies in North Dakota and it is named Deferred Deposit Loan Act. The act states that the maximum loan term is 40 days. According to the law borrowers in the state of North Dakota cannot take over $500 for one loan.

Every client who gets a loan in North Dakota should also get a written agreement. The agreement should contain the customer’s name; the rates charged, the date when the loan was deposited, the loan sum, and the APR. The borrower should get the document stating all the charges and fees; all the amounts should be listed in US dollars.

Lenders in North Dakota can charge extra fees, albeit these fees should not exceed 20% on $300 borrowed. If the sum of a loan is over $300, then the finance charge can be higher than the original 7.Five %.

The client has the right to pay the loan back by Five p.m. of the day after applying for this loan. It is prohibited in North Dakota for lenders to file charges in a court to come back the funds if a customer doesn’t repay the loan or defaults on the cash advance.

Loan charges may be filed in case the client closes his or her bank account or if a borrower passes a check being aware of the fact that there is no money.

North Dakota

Payday Loans Suggested: Yes

Max Loan Amount: $500

Loan Term: Not to exceed 60 days.

North Dakota Department of Financial Institutions

2000 Schafer Street, Suite G

Bismarck, ND 58501

Phone: (701) 328-9933

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