What is a Home Loan Modification?

Homeowners in general have the most to lose when it comes to a downed economy. The loss of a job could mean financial hardships that include falling behind on the monthly mortgage payments. Defaulting, announcing bankruptcy and foreclosure are all realities that many homeowners have faced in the past few years. In order to avoid these negative outcomes, banks and other types of lenders are suggesting home loan modification to their borrowers.

Home loan modification is basically a way to switch or adjust a borrower’s loan agreement in regards to their mortgage that will make it lighter for the borrower to afford the monthly payments. When money is not an issue for a homeowner, he/she will be able to successfully make their payments on time. This prevents any fall outs that might lead to defaulting on the loan.

If you are a homeowner that is presently fighting to make your payments, or if you have missed or stopped making payments, modification of loan could be a viable solution for your situation. It is significant that you contact your lender right away before you default on your loan. Let them know you are interested in home loan modification and ask what requirements they have. Once you have provided the lender with the suitable information, you will be able to negotiate fresh terms and/or conditions for your mortgage.

Common types of loan modification include lowering the interest rate for the life of the loan, extending the terms of repayment or lowering the total amount you owe each month on your mortgage.

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